About Us

Once the home of Mike's Place and Steve's Patio Café, which then became Terraza Café in 2015, is now a remodeled, rustic, country-feel setting now known as The Patio Café.  Opening its doors in March 2017, restaurant owner Rosalinda Monrroy, known as Rosie to all in Santa Barbara, had the dream of one day owning a restaurant of her own. Having been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. “The Patio Café is a place where I’d like everyone to feel that they can come and sit down, and feel like they are not just eating at a restaurant, but eating at home, sitting comfortably in their own patio,” said Rosie. “This place is not just for adults, but forthe entire family and friends. I would like to see my guests feel like they are coming to a familial environment where they can enjoy their time, laugh, and share memories over a meal.”

The Patio Café serves freshly prepared entrees, daily soups, sandwiches, salads, specialties, and Sunday brunch.


All great food is homemade prepared with love... Our food is prepared to order. Due to limited cooking space, your order may take a little extra time when we're busy. So please relax and enjoy the beautiful view, your food will be out fresh and hot.